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ASAC Applicant Information

Drop-in tutors, study group tutors, embedded tutors, Supplemental Instruction leaders, and student assistant front desk staff are hired on an as-needed, ongoing basis. Interested applicants may complete an electronic application or pick up a paper application at the ASAC front counter in Bldg. 6, 1st floor. The ASAC may schedule an interview with the applicant based on completion of the employment packet and verification that minimum qualifications have been met. The needs of the ASAC are another factor in determining prospective interviews. Submission of an application packet does not guarantee an interview. For more details, please read below, or you can also contact us at (909) 274-4300.

Tutoring Position

    • Employment Application Forms


      Semester applying for: For best consideration, submit your completed application by:
      Fall Middle of July - Middle of August
      Spring Middle of January - Middle of February

      • ASAC Tutor Application
        Applicants may still submit the tutor application while waiting to complete the subject approval and work availability request forms. Note, however, that applicants will only be considered for an interview once all the required documents have been received. 

      • Subject Approval Form
        Please forward the link to the professor who will complete your form. This must be done for each subject that you are applying for. For example, if you are applying to tutor math and chemistry, you must have faculty approval for both subject areas.

      • Work Availability Request Form
        If your class schedule is still unknown, please submit a tentative availability and update us as soon as your schedule is confirmed.

      • A complete unofficial copy of your transcripts from Mt. SAC or other colleges/universities.

      • A writing sample preferably with instructor comments (English tutor applicants ONLY)

      • Resume (optional)

      Please email your transcript, writing sample, and resume to For more information, please contact us at (909) 274-4300, Monday through Friday, 8:00AM-4:00PM.

      For any questions about the forms or application requirements, please visit our FAQ section below.

    • Job Overview
      • Provide tutoring outside of class time
      • Demonstrate study skills
      • Facilitate study groups


      • Facilitate interactive, collaborative sessions and facilitate class discussions or individual/group work.
      • Attend all lectures in assigned course and provide outside-of-class support.
      • Promote SI/ET sessions to students and articulate the SI/ET program philosophy and policies to students and faculty

      Hours vary and are based on center needs and applicant's availability. Pay is commensurate with qualifications and experience. Pay range is from $15.25-24.00 per hour (effective January 1, 2022).

    • Minimum Qualification Requirements
      • Completion of at least one semester of college course work
      • An overall GPA of 3.0 or higher
      • Faculty recommendation on content knowledge and people skills.
      • Content competency evidenced by a grade of an “A” or “B" in subject(s) you wish to tutor:
        • Math tutor applicants: completion of Math 71 with an “A” or “B”
        • English tutor applicants: completion of English 1A with an “A” or “B”
        • Other subject tutor applicants: completion of the relevant course with an “A” or “B”


      • Demonstrate good oral and written communication skills
      • Demonstrate organization and time management skills
      • Possess good interpersonal skills
      • Ability to critically think and problem solve
      • Ability to use sound judgment, diplomacy, and tact
      • Ability to work independently with indirect supervision


      • Eligible candidates for high demand subjects will take an assessment prior to the oral interview.
      • Complete required tutor training courses within the first semester of employment. These are 6-week courses offered on Saturdays from 10:30am – 1:20pm during the fall and spring semesters.
        • TUTR 10A: Intro. to Tutoring (offered 3rd-8th week of classes)
        • TUTR 10B: Tutoring in the English Language (offered 9th-14th week of classes)
        • TUTR 10C: Tutoring as an SI (offered 3rd - 8th week of classes)
        • TUTR 10D: Tutoring in Mathematics (offered 9th – 14th week of classes)
      • Attend training meetings scheduled throughout the semester
        • New tutor/ SI orientation occurs during the week prior to the start of the term (date and time TBD).
        • Beginning of the semester all-tutor meeting is on the Friday before start of fall and spring semesters from 2-4pm.
        • Fall, winter, and spring semester all-tutor/ SI meetings are conducted on Fridays (dates and time TBD). Summer term meetings dates and time TBD.
    • Assessment Topics
      Math Assessment Topics:

      *NOTE – You will not be tested on all the topics listed below. Math applicants will be given assessment topics based on the highest level of math indicated on the application.

      • Algebra (Math 71)
        • Factoring (Difference of Squares, Difference of Cubes, Sum of Cubes, etc.)
        • Inequalities (Absolute Value Inequalities, Rational Inequalities, etc.)
        • Long Division
        • Logarithms (Properties of Logs)
        • Function Composition
        • Exponential Growth and Decay
        • Conic Sections (Circle, Parabola, Ellipse, Hyperbola)
        • Completing the Square
        • Linear Functions

      • Precalculus (Math 160)
        • Trigonometric Equations
        • Verifying Identities
        • Exponential Equations
        • Partial Fraction Decomposition
        • Nonlinear System of Equations

      • Calculus 1 (Math 180)
        • Derivatives
        • Integrals
        • Finding Area Bounded by Curves
        • Limits
        • Related Rate Word Problem

      • Calculus 2 (Math 181)
        • Volumes using Cross-Sections
        • Work (Pumping Liquids from Containers)
        • Fluid Forces
        • Center of Mass

      • Statistics (Math 110)
        • Probability
          • Probability using Two-Way Tables
          • Multiplication Rule
          • Addition Rule
          • Conditional Probability
        • Binomial Probability
        • Normal Probability
        • Confidence Intervals (Proportion, Mean)
        • Hypothesis Tests (Proportion, Mean)

      English Assessment Topics:
      • Brainstorming techniques
      • Thesis statements & topic sentences
      • Sentence combining Integrating quotes
      • Evaluating sources
      • Logical fallacies
      • Summary vs. analysis
      • Grammar:
        • Parts of speech
        • Sentence types
        • Sentence boundaries
        • ESL errors
        • Punctuation
        • Pronoun case
    • Advantages of Being a Tutor
      • Help other students
      • Convenient, on-campus job
      • Flexible schedule
      • Career development for those who wish to go into teaching or education
      • Experience you can take to apply for similar jobs at a university setting
      • Experience you can include on your transfer application/resume 
      • Strengthen subject knowledge
      • Connect with faculty, students, and staff
    • FAQs
      • When is the best time to apply?
        Tutoring applications are accepted all-year round, but for best consideration, please submit your completed application forms within the following timeframes:
        Semester applying for: For best consideration, submit your completed application by:
        Fall Middle of July - Middle of August
        Spring Middle of January - Middle of February

      • I don’t currently know my class schedule for the term I am applying for. Can I provide this information later?
        If your class schedule is still unknown, please submit a tentative availability and update us as soon as your schedule is confirmed.

      • How flexible is the work schedule? 
        Very flexible. We schedule tutors based on the the availability provided. Tutors can work up to 19 hours per week.

      • Can I still work in the ASAC if I have another Mt. SAC on-campus job?
        Yes, applicants can work up to a combined 19 hours per week at both locations.

      • Will my work schedule change every week?  Or will it be the same? 
        Work schedules are fixed for the entire semester. Finals week schedule requests must be submitted separately.

      • Is it required that I take tutor training before becoming a tutor?
        No, it is not. Most tutors take the training classes concurrently while working as a tutor.

      • What will I learn in the tutor training classes?
        Basic tutoring theories and methods including learning styles, Socratic method, communication techniques. Training also covers defining tutor roles and responsibilities as well as effectively managing tutoring sessions.

      • Will I be working in one tutoring location? Where else might I work?
        Maybe but not necessarily.  We hire and schedule tutors for the ASAC and the MARCS. For example, if you are applying to be a math tutor, the MARCS is one possibility. Additionally, the ASAC hosts tutoring for all levels of math plus STEM subjects including chemistry and physics; we also have accounting, economics, foreign languages, writing tutoring, and social sciences.  Furthermore, we have Supplemental Instruction, Embedded Tutoring, and Study Groups.

      • Can I tutor other subjects?
        Yes, of course!  We are always looking for tutors for the high demand subjects mentioned above. The more subjects you can tutor, the greater your chances of getting more of hours, working at various locations, and earning a higher pay rate.

      • How do I obtain faculty approval for the subjects I am applying for? Do I need faculty approval for each subject?
        Please forward the Subject Approval Form to your professors. This must done for each subject that you are applying for. For example, if you are applying to tutor math and chemistry, you must have faculty approval for both subject areas.

      • What if I took the course I want to tutor at a different college?
        Students with coursework at another college should take their transcript to the dept. chair who can verify that you have satisfied the course and grade requirements.

      • What if the professor I took at Mt. SAC is unavailable?
        See the department chair of the subject area you plan to tutor. For information about the current academic department chairs, please go to the Mt. SAC directory and search under" Academic Departments." If you are a non-Mt. SAC student, you may also ask for faculty approval from a professor outside of Mt. SAC.

      • What if I don't achieve a passing score on the math diagnostic exam?  
        Math applicants may re-take the exam to improve their score. 

      • Do you hire international students? 
        In general, no. The process for hiring international students is time-consuming, unfortunately, and scheduling needs are immediate.

      • What do you see as important attributes of effective tutors?
        Content knowledge and effective tutoring strategies; the ability to work closely with students, to establish a good working relationship, and to be flexible.

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