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WIN Program Information

Program Goal

To provide an environment in which student athletes can pursue academic success and personal growth through utilization of resources, peer & instructional interaction, personal growth, and staff support.

Services Provided

The WIN Program is a tutorial center and study hall where student athletes have the opportunity to complete homework assignments either individually, with a group, or with the assistance of a tutor.


We Offer:

  • Tutorial services
  • Computer Access
    • Internet
    • Microsoft Office
  • Pre-Assessment of Basic Skills
  • Individual Educational Plans
  • Essential Employment Skills
    • Resume
    • Email
    • Time Management
  • Basic Skills
    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Mathematics

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The WIN Program is a Partnership of Three Campus Divisions

Kinesiology and Athletics

Mt. SAC has one of the nation’s largest and most successful sports programs for men and women; facilitating over 800 athletes a year. It is vital that student athletes are supported on the field and in the classroom. In conjunction with the WIN program, coaches require their athletes to attend a minimum of two hours per week for studying.

Coaches receive weekly, monthly, and semester updates on grades and attendance. The program is integrated into their individual academic, practice and work schedules. The goal of the WIN Program is to ensure that student athletes complete the mandatory general education requirements within a two-year period in order to successfully transition into a four-year institution.

Joe Jennum
Athletic Director
(909) 594-5611 ext. 4630


The Counseling and Matriculation Department delivers essential counseling services to the diverse population of student athletes. The department is committed to meeting the specific needs of our student athletes. Athletes have a five year timeline in which to complete specific academic requirements while maintaining athletic eligibility. Counselors, together with the WIN Program staff, collaborate by empowering student-athletes in making logical and critical educational decisions, and providing them with timely and accurate information.

Valerie Herrera
(909) 594-5611ext 4628
Shane Poulter
Coordinator/Athletic Counselor
(909) 594-5611
Counseling office ext. 5929 or
WIN Office ext 5864

School of Continuing Education

The School of Continuing Education offers a variety of programs within the Kinesiology facilities and provides the instructional supervisory staff and technological resources. The WIN has adopted the college mission of providing all students with a foundation of essential basic skills, which will ensure their educational success.

Madelyn Arballo
(909) 594-5611 ext. 5228

Student Athlete Study Hall & Tutorial Center

Need extra help? Come visit us today inBldg 45, Room 1430

Erica Ledezma|Program Project Specialist /Instructor
(909) 274-4239 |(909) 468-3934